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TOP CREATION provides services that include creating new products with cutting edge design and attractive packaging, tentative handling in merchandise's quality and appearance, environmental protection lab-testing and safety requirements testing, full logistic services with fast and on-schedule delivery, and most of all, competitive pricing for volume orders.

To adapt today's market trend, every organization needs to learn and respond quickly. It has to build a closer connection with customers and at the same time establish a better contact with manufacturers. TOP CREATION is a single stop for all of your integration challenges!

TOP CREATION presently covers a broad variety of different product categories, and all of the products are carefully selected and tested with the manufacturers. To satisfy customers' requirements has always been our first priority.


TOP CREATION’s OEM and ODM services let you know more, do more, and spend less. Taking advantage of TOP CREATION’s network of Asian manufacturers, you as the Global buyer can benefit from efficient production at low manufacturing costs. With such services, TOP CREATION has helped many Global customers turning their innovative ideas into prosperous business ventures.


To stay at the forefront of your industry sector, it is important and essential to stimulate the market with newly created products.
With TOP CREATION, you will get comprehensive ideas of creative items and commercially effective solutions that will eventually lead to the creation of new products suitable for your targeted customers.


In order to attract the attention of the client and to secure the confidence of every Global consumer, product packaging is an essential element for profitable selling. Working closely with designers, TOP CREATION is ready to deliver attractive packaging to its customers to help them in expanding their market shares within their Global retail network.


Working with you every step of the way, TOP CREATION provides a variety of value-added services that have spanned the complete procurement cycle. Whether you need attractive packaging, good quality products or a complete sourcing network in Asia, TOP CREATION gets them all prepared for you.


Another essential success factor in business is Logistics. Every delivery has to be punctual and correctly. TOP CREATION Logistics Service helps Global Buyers in delivering the ordered merchandise to the required destination on time.


With its sales network and real-time information within the company, TOP CREATION is able to establish key relationships with the Global market trend leaders, discovering their needs and understanding every unique requirement. Average companies provide average services; TOP CREATION establishes profitable relationships with its Global customers by providing procurement beyond-the-standard procurement services.

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